Twitraffic was designed with one use in mind: a cross OS smartphone application to deliver real time traffic information based on tweets. The API service was only used for this function, but I’ve made its data publicity available to anyone who believes there are additional uses.

A simple service

Currently the API is intended for use within the app, but was always designed to be adaptable for whatever applications may appear in the future. It is however, a simple $_GET service that returns JSON formatted data.

A “bare-bones” component diagram of how Twitraffic works

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the API free to use?
Yes. Although as the application runs on limited computational power, additional funding may be required for highly data intensive uses.

Is authentication required?
Yes and you can register for an API key for free on this website.

What format is the data returned in?
Currently only JSON & JSONP are supported. If you would prefer an additional format, please get in touch.

Does the API incorporate rate limits?
Yes, starting at 5000 calls per day. Please bear in mind Twitraffic is hosted on servers with limited resources. If you require consistent, large sets of data (i.e. more daily calls), please get in contact to arrange this.

Can I request additional functionality?
Yes. I designed the API for one purpose and if you require additional data I am more than happy to provide it. The current API only provides a limited set of the data available, so if you have an idea, please share it and I will try my best to accommodate you.